Cast From the Past

Goodbye Industry, Hello Creative Class

March 16, 2013 | National Posy Staff

If you pass a five-metre sculpture at King and Charlotte and wonder what it is, here’s the deal: Titled Ballast, the bronze casting is a work of public art by Canadian-born, L.A.-based Jed Lind was chosen by a panel of experts on behalf of Great Gulf for its Charlie condominiums. The piece is meant as a metaphor for King Street, a call back to its working-class past and salute its future.

“I wanted to make a work that looks at the transformation of this King Street corridor from a once-productive commercial/industrial corridor to the dynamic cultural hub it is today,” Mr. Lind says in a release. “In this transformed neighbourhood, high-rise buildings like the Charlie condos where Ballast stands are the homes of this new creative class.” Much of Mr. Lind’s work represents the intersection of natural and man-made.

The National Post, 2013